PHOTOS: Mutant Two-Headed Pig Brings ‘Good Luck’ to Farmer

This two-headed pig might have been born a little different, but he is no less loved and adored by his owner and adoring villagers. According to reports, the unusual piglet, who has four eyes and two snouts, struggles to walk due to the weight of its heads. Despite that fact, farmer Jing Guanglan, who raises pigs in China’s Chongqing municipality, says the little guy a lucky charm.

The four-day-old piglet is already attracting throngs of visitors, many of whom have made offers to buy him from Guanglan.

“I was very shocked at first but now I believe it is a sign,” said Guanglan. “The piglet will bring me luck, I am positive.”

Sadly, animals with these unusual genetic deformities rarely live more than a few days—typically because there are internal complications, but also because littermates and mothers reject the different one or bully it.

For now, this unusual piglet is doing well on a diet of milk powder and fresh vegetables. He has also been given his own private enclosure to keep him safe.

Experts believe that the chances of the piglet being born with this defect were about 1 in 100,000.