PHOTOS: New Images of ISIS Training Camps in Afghanistan Are Terrifying

It is believed that members of an ISIS cell are responsible for the as yet unconfirmed death of the Taliban’s elected leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

The Taliban seems to be crumbling under ISIS’ growing strength in Afghanistan.

A series of shocking photographs have emerged from inside the ISIS training camps, hidden deep in the forests of the mountainous region in that country, where we still have troops.

Men wearing yellow balaclavas and clutching AK-47s sit in rows in front of ISIS flags, while other images show the fighters learning how to use the weapons.

ISIS’s invasion of Afghanistan began last autumn. It took a while for locals to realize who the foreigners were.

Before late July, ISIS had forced Taliban fighters out of the region and emerged from the mountain valleys of Peha and Mamond, attacking police and army units as they went.

Estimates now put the numbers of ISIS fighters in the four districts south of Jalalabad at somewhere between 1,200 and 1,600.

U.S. officials have also acknowledged the threat.

Truly terrifying stuff.