Photos of Hitler that He Wanted Destroyed

All of the photos above were taken of Hitler when he was only 35 years old. This was soon after he’d gotten out of jail, where he’d written his hateful manifesto, Mein Kempf. This young Hitler was obsessed with gaining power in Germany, and he was beginning to hone his skills in oration, which was arguably his greatest strength and won him the popularity he held fast to in his country.

But Hitler was self conscious, and he wanted to look and sound amazing during his speeches because he knew his physicality had to be just right to win over the German people. This is why he began practicing his speeches in beer halls. His speeches were known to start off cool and then escalate into histrionics. He gained many (often drunk) followers this way.

To take it up another notch, Hitler asked his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann to take photographs of him while he rehearsed his speeches so he could become even more powerful. He tried out new gestures, moves, expressions and stances while he was being photographed. He would then review the pictures to see if he looked awesome or stupid.

Hitler demanded that Hoffman destroy all the photographs he took of Hitler during these rehearsals, but Hoffman kept them all and later published them in a book of memoirs called Hitler Was My Friend

Now, you all have the chance to see Hitler look like a buffoon thanks to Heinrich Hoffman.