PHOTOS: This Is What an Ovarian Tumor Looks Like

WARNING: The medical photos below may be considered disturbing by some readers. 

Hey, I think we can all agree cancer is yucky. And therefore, tumors are also pretty gross. But in all our masochistic medical research of tumors, we’ve yet to see one quite as disgusting as this ovarian tumor.

Redditor CeeCee55 posted these bizarre photos of her ovarian tumor after it’s removal, including a couple pictures of the tumor being cut open to reveal all the hair that’s somehow built inside.

Don’t look at the photos below if you’re trying to keep down your lunch, seriously.







A quick WebMD search reveals that doctors don’t quite know what causes ovarian tumors, but there are a few factors that may put you at risk, including smoking, obesity, taking fertility pills, not having children, not breastfeeding your children, and hormone replacement surgery. Get checked for it today before it becomes anything like this. Please.