PHOTOS: Parents Share the Most ‘WTF!?’ Children’s Christmas Drawings

Elletia Thomas started a brand-new holiday tradition this year: sharing the most unintentionally inappropriate Christmas drawings by children. The British mom shared a photo to a Facebook page for a blog called The Unmumsy Mum of a drawing done by her own child.

The photo—pictured above in the first slide—features Santa holding an elongated red ‘stocking’ in front of him—but it definitely unintentionally looks like something else.

She wrote that her child made the drawing as part of a school project to design homemade holiday cards and gift tags.

In her post she wrote:

“My son’s Christmas card design. School want to know if I would like to pay £16 for a pack of cards and gift tags. Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like Santa’s giant red cock, I suppose.”

This prompted other parents to share their own children’s innocently inappropriate holiday artwork. The results are amazing.

Check some of them out in the slideshow above.