PHOTOS: Python Swallows Huge Bat While Hanging from a Tree

An Australian couple in Queensland captured the remarkable, and kind of creepy, sight of a python devouring a whole bat—wings and all. The giant reptile is balancing from a tree, draped across the tall branches as it conquered its meal.

According to reports from the Daily Mail and the Sunshine Coast Daily, Mille Stoevring and Shane Tuer spotted the carpet python dangling from a tree in their backyard. They were even more shocked when they realized it was mid-meal, and scrambled outside with a camera to get some dazzlingly up-close and personal snaps of the reptile.

“The snake wasn’t fazed at all,” said Stoevring. “It was fascinating to watch it making its way over the bat’s body, to the other wing tip.”

The couple said it took the snake almost 30 minutes, struggling to fit the enormous bat in its jaws.

Check it out the slideshow above.