Real-Life Quadriplegic Barbie Spends $14,000 to Look Like Her Doll Idol

Jasmin Britney, who is a 29-year-old from Finland, was only a child when she was hit by a car. The accident left her paralyzed from the neck down, changing her life forever. But that hasn’t stopped Jasmin from pursuing her dream of becoming a Barbie lookalike, and she hopes that the pictures she shares of her journey will inspire others like her who also struggle with life-altering disabilities.

“I refuse to believe that I won’t walk again,” she has said about her spinal injuries, which she sustained at the age of nine.

Despite her physical struggles, and the fact that she cannot dress herself or even put on her own shoes, she has poured thousands of dollars into achieving a doll-like appearance.

She dresses in beautiful, sparkling dresses, and even wears eight-inch designer high heels—she says the higher the heel the better. She also posts pictures to her online following showing off her super-glam makeup looks.

She told The Daily Mail that she spends hours on hair and makeup, and modeling the Barbie-worthy outfits she chooses.

“It is for me a symbol that one day a breakthrough could happen and my life could change,” said Jasmin. “And I want others to never give up hope.”

Jasmin, who was born Katarina Koskiranta, also says she dreams to one day become a shoe designer.

“It’s not something people would expect a quadriplegic to do, but the response I get from fans is amazing,” she says.

She says she tries out new Barbie looks every day, and is constantly inspired by her.

She was struck by a distracted driver while crossing the road. The driver was texting and didn’t see her. She said she was left unconscious in the hospital for at least 12 hours, before regaining cognizance.

Doctors were amazed that she survived, let alone that she didn’t seem to have any brain damage. Now she undergoes constant care, and relies on a ventilation tube inserted into her neck to keep her breathing, along with physical therapy to prevent her muscles from being destroyed.

When she’s not modeling her latest Barbie looks, she’s studying Applied Sciences at the University level.