PHOTOS: See Inside Amazon’s Fulfillment Warehouses

Remember the final scene at the end of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the camera pulls back to reveal a seemingly-endless storage warehouse packed with crates of relics and artifacts? Amazon’s order fulfillment warehouses are kind of like that, but—dare we say—even bigger.

The cavernous warehouses are filled to the brim with millions of products, neatly organized in bulk in categorized aisles. Warehouse workers push carts up and down the walk ways, collecting the itemized things for each order.

Amazon has more than 90 of these huge distribution centers. According to Business Insider, the size of these centers is equal to more than 700 Madison Square Gardens.

According to one report, employees of the warehouse can work up to 12-hour shifts during the holiday peak seasons and walk between seven and 15 miles every day.