PHOTOS: See Inside Hitler’s Long-Abandoned Secret Bunker in France

A photographer in France is one of the lucky few to have ever since this eerie, abandoned bunker that dates back to the Second World War. In fact the partially-underground compound is believed to have been a secret hideout for Hitler himself.

Historians believe this to be Hitler’s last bunker, where he plotted his British invasion.

The tunnels of the bunker extend for at least six miles, and reach up to 98 feet below ground at some points.

Photographer Marc Askat got to tour the remote location, the exact whereabouts are undisclosed to prevent trespassing.

Covered in twisted vines, moss and fallen leaves, the entrance to the bunker seems anything but welcoming. Instead it projects the last intimidating impression of military plotting.

View photos in the slideshow above, and see more of Askat’s photography here.