PHOTOS: See the $17 Million ‘Ghost’ Airport That Has Never Been Used

According to the Daily Mail, the Jaisalmer Airport in India has never actually been used. It was built three years ago, costing about $17 million in construction—but has never been opened to passengers.

Instead, the place has been left as an abandoned “ghost” airport that—over the passage of time—has already started to fall apart.

Dust covers the lounges, and dead animal bones and nests litter the building’s nooks and cranies. Photos of the eerie building also show surfaces on the baggage claim warping from age and the elements.

Apparently the airport was meant to accommodate as many as 300,000 travelers a year. It was reportedly a government project, meant to help the region take advantage of a boost in tourism. Unfortunately, although the building was erected, the demand in the region for an airport was next to non-existent and the project was scrapped.

Ironically, this isn’t the only ‘Ghost’ Airport in India. According to the country has spent more than $50 million since 2009 on eight airports that do not receive scheduled flights.

Click through the slideshow above to see the lost potential of this formerly magnificent building.

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