PHOTOS: See the Bond Between WWI Soldiers and Their Dogs

Libby Hall, 76, has been collecting thousands of pictures of dogs for the last 40 years. Now she’s sharing a part of that collection that displays the lasting bond between soldiers and their canines. Photos from the First World War can only begin to capture the important role of dogs during that time.

Dogs were used in conflict as messengers, supply carriers, and enemy lookouts, but in the vintage photos from Hall’s collection another side of the canines’ life is showcased—the close bond and companionship that the dogs provided to the soldiers in the trenches.

Hall, a former press photographer, said her collection of dog photos happened by pure chance. In 1966 she stumbled across some photos in a junk shop that were intended for the trash.

“I have lived with dogs all my life and began to be intrigued by the photographs that had dogs in them,” she said.

Currently on display at the Bishopsgate institute in London, Hall’s photos are a part of the free “Dogs of the First World War” exhibition that will run until the end of July.

According to The Mirror, an estimated 20,000 dogs are believed to have been involved in war efforst, and are not finally being recognized as its “unsung heroes.”

Check out the slideshow above to see the vintage snaps of WWI soldiers and their dogs.

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