PHOTOS: See the Spectacular, Shimmering Wonder of Peacock Feathers Under a Microscope

Peacocks are stunning creatures, renowned for their natural grace and beauty. Their plumage is an undeniable symbol of extravagance.

But have you ever wondered what a colorful peacock feather looks under the zoomed-in scrutiny of a microscope?

It turns out they’re just as stunning up close—maybe even more so—as they are to the naked eye.

See these photos, taken by Canadian software engineer and photographer Waldo Nell, of the deep blues, golden shimmers, teals and greens that make up a single tiny fragment of a peacock’s feather. The images were shot by a Canon Rebel T3i mounted on an Olympus BX53 microscope.

Nell told WIRED:

“From afar you only see the pattern of the eye. From up close you can see the bundles of barbules and coloration unique to each segment. There is a lot of beauty hidden that you can only see up close.”

We’re glad for Nell’s insights, and stunning photography.

Click through the slideshow above and be amazed.