PHOTOS: Shocking Confessions from Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages, while not so common in our society, are still popular in many cultures and families around the world. Some are marriages of convenience, others can turn into a love-match over time—and in many cases people enter into them simply because it is tradition and it’s expected of them.

There are many myths about what is involved in arranged marriages. Some of these can be true, while others are actually way off base. So what is it actually like to be in an arranged marriage?

Thanks to the anonymous confessions from Whisper users, we finally get an intimate glimpse of what it feels like to marry someone who was chosen for you. The users who posted these arranged marriage secrets share a tumultuous array of emotion.

These secrets run the gambit from new-found love and joy, to deep regret. Many express the sad loneliness that accompanies their loveless marriage, and wish to escape the life that they’re now trapped inside. Some are just starting out and their parents have yet to settle on a partner, others are engaged or have been married for years.

Whisper is a secret-sharing app that allows users to make their most personal thoughts public, without fear of being identified. And we love that Whisper exists, because it gives voice to those people who would otherwise remain in the shadows, unable to express themselves.

Check out this glimpse into the world of arranged marriages in the slideshow above.

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