PHOTOS: Take a Look Inside the Luxurious Velvet House

This home is on sale for $900,000, in sunny Palm Springs, California, but the swanky old-school 1970’s pad is suited only to a homeowner with a very particular taste for velvet. That’s because the whole home is bedecked, ceiling to floor in almost every room—except the kitchen—with elaborate velvet décor.

It’s a three-bedroom, five-bathroom house that includes a sunken living room, wet bar and kidney shaped pool—but imagine having to clean and dust all of that velvet!

Each room has different patterns of luxurious-looking velvet wallpaper and upholstery. It’s over the top, fabulous, but definitely seems like a lot of work to keep up with.

In total, The Daily Mail reports that there are 16 different styles of velvet wallpaper incorporated into the decoration of the house, in a color palette of warm oranges, reds, fuchsia and rich golds.

Would you want to live in a house like this? Take a look through the rooms in the slideshow above.