PHOTOS: Tattooed Eyeballs Are Now a Trend Apparently

These photos prove that many people want to have tattooed eyes, which is apparently a growing trend.

The  truth about eyeball tattooos is that they look scary, it’ll hurt a lot, and you could easily go blind.

According to the BBC, the first person to experiment with eyeball tattooing was Luna Cobra – a US based tattoo artist. She’s not the only one doing it these days, however.

Another tattoo artist who specializes in eyeball ink has a technique that involves injecting pigment directly into the eyeball so it rests under the eye’s thin top layer (the conjunctiva). Ouch.

Jeffrey Walline, the chair-elect of the association’s Contact Lens and Cornea Council, thinks all of the techniques are a terrible idea. “My advice,” she says, “is not to do it as there’s not enough benefit to even warrant considering that risk of potential pain and loss of vision.”

Pain and loss of vision — I’ll pass, but it looks like others don’t mind the risks.

Watch the video below– if you dare.