5 Photos that Can’t Be Explained – Prepare to Question What You Know

Throughout the years there have been many things that just can’t be explained — a mystery that’s impossible to solve.

The above slideshow features a series a photos that may shock, confuse, and baffle you. You could argue that they have all been photo-shopped however, the majority of the photos were taken in the early to mid-1900s and have become highly questioned ever since.

1. The Hook Island Monster

For example, the Hook Island Sea Monster. It all took place off the coast of Stonehaven Bay in Hook Island, Queensland  in 1964. The Le Serrec couple and a few friends were spending the day at Hook Island when Mrs. Le Serrec saw a huge tadpole-like creature in the water.

Mr. Le Serrec and a friend decided to dive in to take a closer look, that’s when they realized that the creature was actually about 80 feet long. Once they saw it open its mouth and move towards them, they quickly swam out of the water. That was the last time the creature was seen.

2. The Solway Spaceman

Another account, that also took place in 1964, is the mystery of the Solway Spaceman.

Mr.Templeton, his wife Annie and daughter Elizabeth were in Cumbria, England where they stopped to take a few photos in an empty field. Everything appeared normal.

It was later when the photos were developed that they noticed a figure behind his daughter in one of them. Somebody, or something had been there with Mr. Templeton and his family that day. The photo, which shows Elizabeth Templeton sitting in the field, reveals what looks like an astronaut behind her.

When news broke of this photo, there was a huge media frenzy. The image was investigated by many, including Kodak and other specialists. None of them could explain it, and the incident remains a mystery.

3. The Cooper Family Dinner Guest

This is a photo that has not been able to be explained and has very little reasoning behind it.

As you can see the image shows the Cooper family sitting at a dinner table. This was the first picture taken in their new home. After the photo was developed the family noticed something odd, a person was hanging from the ceiling, right next to them.

They investigated, but there is no explanation for the body.

4. The Ghosts of S.S. Watertown 

This photo was taken in 1924 aboard the S.S. Watertown.

James Courtney and Michael Meehan, two crew members were cleaning the oil tanker as the ship went from Panama City to New York City. Through a sequence of events that is unclear both men were covered with the oil and gas fumes, that ended up killing them.

Following the ship customs of that time their fellow crew mates buried them at sea. For several weeks after those on board along with the captain, saw the faces of Courtney and Meehan in the waves of the ocean.

5. The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

This is a mystery that happened not too long ago in 2013. Elisa Lam is a a student from Canada, she was found dead in a hotel’s water tank in Los Angeles.

There was no evidence of drugs or alcohol in her system and the officials say the cause of death is drowning. Through the hotel elevator surveillance video you can see Elisa behaving oddly: pushing all the elevator buttons, going in and out, waving her hands, and what looks like to be hiding from someone.

To this day there are no answers as to how Elisa got to the hotel’s roof or inside the water tank.