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PHOTOS: The Hairiest New Trend — Furry Nails

Everything glittery was the trend all through the holidays, including armpits, beards and nails. For a while, newspaper print nails were really hot. Now, the new trend in unusual manicures is hairy nails.

We’re not sure how practical it is to have fuzz and fur attached to your digits. In fact, the prospect of getting the darn things off or trying to wash your hair with them on is pretty intimidating. But it’s fun nonetheless and looks pretty shocking.

If you’re adventurous and want to rock hairy nails for one crazy night, then hang all the flocks from your nails that your heart desires (manicurists who specialize in this sort of nail art may be hard to come by — at least until the craze becomes more mainstream). At a recent fashion show, all the models did was glue on the brown or white faux fur to each nail with a high-gloss top coat polish. If you’re bold enough to try this, be patient and let them fully dry. We don’t see why we can’t just use superglue to be honest!

Or, you can opt for the less unusual hairy manicure by simply using a velvet nail polish kit. If you go this route, you can even buy the special polish and do it yourself. It’s inexpensive and won’t interfere with all that you do with your hands. And the results are really pretty, with a matte, fuzzy finish.

For instance, check out Ciaté Velvet Manicure™ Blue Suede look for nails. It’s actually not as expensive as it looks. 41Ak5010e3L

There’s also a kit with 24 different velvet shades made especially for nails.

Check out our slideshow of the different kinds of hairy nails that are making a splash. Get inspired and make a splash with your next mani-pedi.

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