PHOTOS: The Hitler Hotel — Is an Abandoned Nazi Resort Getting a Facelift?

Hotel Prora hasn’t seen a single guest since it was built 76 years ago. Not only is it the only hotel to never have a visitor, it’s also the largest in the world with 10,000 rooms. The structure itself is three miles long, and the only way to capture the entire monstrosity is to take photos from aerial view. It takes more than a full hour to walk from one end to the other because the hotel includes a school, a theater, a hospital and a jetty that still juts out into the sea.

Hitler built the resort to accommodate 25,000 workers (Nazis) and their family members during holidays. However, work on the hotel stopped when the war began. It now stands completely empty and in a state of deterioration.

The ‘Hitler Hotel’ is situated in the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea and stretches around the island’s sandy bay. Each room in the hotel has views of the water and central heating.

There’s controversy over the hotel and refurbishing it into something new and modern. Jurgen Rostock, co-founder for the Prora documentation centre, has said about revamping the hotel:

“These are not harmless buildings. The original purpose for Hitler was construction of a resort in preparation for the war to come. This way of dealing with the building trivialises it and affirms the Nazi regime.”

The history of this place is a bit crazy: It was built as part of Hitler’s Strength Through Joy program and was supposed to be a place for Nazis and their children to enjoy leisure activities and games. Cruise ships were supposed to come and take the Nazis to the Canary Islands and back.

After WWII, Rugen Island fell to the Soviets. They wanted to blow up the hotel but didn’t have enough dynamite to destroy it in its entirety. Instead they turned it into a military base.

According to the Daily Mail, the site is in an ongoing process of being sold off and renovated despite the controversy. Some of huge structure will be marketed as homes for the elderly, others luxury apartments, and still others as a 300 room hotel.