PHOTOS: This Couple Has Been Away on Their Honeymoon Since 2013

Amirah Cook, 27, and her husband Jarrell have been on their honeymoon, and have no plans to return anytime soon. Unlike a typical newlywed vacation that lasts a couple weeks at most, Amirah and Jarrell have been on their honeymoon since 2013—and they’re still going strong.

Amirah shared that the couple, married in August of 2012, have been on an “indefinite honeymoon” that has taken them to 12 countries and over 30 cities around the world.

The duo quit their jobs, sold most of their belongings, packed up what they needed and headed to Panama. Although it was their first country, it was just the start of their nomadic journey—which now includes dog-sitting in exchange for a month of free accommodation in London, cooking for guests at a B&B in Italy, and house-sitting on a Greek island.

Amirah writes:

“When we left, we really didn’t have a plan or even a budget, we were just winging it. Neither of us had ever been out of the country, I didn’t even own a passport. In our first year we focused on developing our crafts into careers. My husband is an artist; he has painted murals in Panama, Italy and England, and created illustrations for clients around the world. I am a writer and run a blog detailing our journey, as well as writing for others. By creating our ideal careers, we have become location independent, able to work from anywhere in the world (as long as there’s WIFI). Traveling the world is life altering. Experiencing new places and ways of life expands your mentality in the most beautiful way possible. Every new place makes us eager to see more and question if we will ever return home. This year we are headed to Paris, England, Amsterdam, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and India.”

Read more of their story here, and check out their journey in the slideshow above.

Amirah updates a blog of their travels here.