PHOTOS: This Creepy Abandoned Schoolhouse Has a Terrifying Backstory

This decrepit, one-room school house used be the Ingraham Hill School in upstate New York. It’s isolated in a patch of forest, and has set abandoned for decades.

According to local legend, the building used to serve as a school up until the late 1800s when a teacher went crazy. If the legend is to be believed, the teacher locked the children inside and tried to burn the schoolhouse to the ground.

Photographs shot by urban explorers show clear burn damage to the building, and the structure is all but rotting away as the years pass.

Apparently local officials tried to seal the building for public safety, to prevent people climbing and injuring themselves inside, but someone managed to tunnel underneath to create an access.

The old building is adjacent to a nearby graveyard—perhaps where some of the fire’s young victims were laid to rest.

Looking that the building at night makes you wonder if they come back to haunt the abandoned structure that did them in—after all, the structure is reportedly a hotspot for hauntings and other ghostly activities.

Check it out in the slideshow above.