PHOTOS: This Depressed Wombat Will Break Your Heart

This is Tonka, a 7-year-old wombat who has been diagnosed with depression. He may look like an adorable big toy stuffed animal, but this huggable guy has lived a pretty tragic life during his short years on this Earth.

Now the only thing that brings him comfort is the companionship of his trusty teddy bear.

When he was just a baby, Tonka’s mother was hit by a car and died. He was rescued and has lived at the Billabong Sanctuary in Australia ever since.

However shortly after he settled into his new life, Billabong was struck by a devastating cyclone.

The stress of his recent loss, being uprooted from his home and then having his new home almost destroyed was too much. Tonka has been exhibiting signs of depression ever since.

According to a professor of biochemistry from Carleton University, animals can be diagnosed with clinical depression just like human beings, and they exhibit similar symptoms as well.

To provide Tonka with comfort, the staff at the sanctuary offers lots of love and keeps him supplied with constant companionship from stuffed teddy bears—although they frequently to be replaced, as Tonka accidentally wears holes through the bears.

One of Tonka’s main handlers at the sanctuary is Samm Sherman, who frenquently posts photos to her Instagram account with the hashtag #mybestfriendisawombat.

While Tonka may be depressed, these cute photos may bring a little smile to your face.

Check out some video and photos of Tonka below.