PHOTOS: This Lakeside Castle Could Be Yours for Only $89,000 – But There Is One Catch!

Nestled at the side of Lake Chelan in Washington State rests a little castle—little being something of an understatement. Although the building does look like something out of a fairytale, the tiny residence is only 288-square-feet.

The view alone is worth the cramped space, and the low price tag of only $89,000 is almost worth the small—but prominent—inconveniences.

Small space aside, the little castle turret offers a two-storey, one-bedroom retreat. It does not have heating, nor does it have sewage facilities.

It does offer sweeping views and easy access to the lake, making it perfect for someone looking for a rustic, charming little getaway nook to disconnect from the world. Think of it as a rustic cabin experience!

It’s only accessible by boat, and is completely isolated from the neighbors. The lake itself extends for about 50 miles, and is perfect for fishing.

The location was previously listed in 2012 for $129,000.

The agent’s description on is as follows:

Everyone has boated by the iconic landmark. The Castel! The Turret! Boat-in is the only access. Very large dock. This property is on the north shore of Lake Chelan. The view is up lake and down lake and across to 25 mile creek. There is some burn damage. Seller willing to carry a contract if needed.

It seems like a great project for someone looking to transform a fixer-upper into a cozy dream getaway spot.