PHOTOS: Titanic’s Last Lifeboat and Those on Board the Doomed Craft Found a Month After Tragedy Struck

A wooden lifeboat from the doomed Titanic voyage was discovered floating adrift in the Atlantic ocean nearly a month after the luxury cruise liner tragically sunk. It would be the last lifeboat recovered from the horrific accident, and fate was grim for those on board.

Although the three passengers escaped meeting their fate on the ocean floor with the Titanic, and managed to gain passage on one of the scarce and coveted lifeboats, they never made it back to shore alive.

Their lifeless and decomposing bodies were discovered adrift about 200 miles away from the site of the sinking by the crew on board the RMS Oceanic. The victims are believed to have been two firemen from the Titanic’s engine room and a first class passenger identified as Thomson Beattie.

The 37-year-old’s body was still dressed in a once-elegant dinner jacket.

Along with the bodies, the Oceanic’s crew found in the lifeboat one engraved wedding band.

A passenger from the RMS Oceanic penned a detailed hand-written letter of the lifeboat’s recovery, and the gruesome discoveries on board. The first-hand account of what happened on the lifeboat is titled “The Last of the Titanic,” and is set to go for auction along with photographs of the morbid recovery mission.

It is believed that the lifeboat, identified as “Collapsible A” was the last vessel to leave the sinking ship that fateful day around 2:15 in the morning.

Click through the slideshow above to see haunting photos from the recovery mission.