PHOTO: TSA Finds Shocking Surprise in Scanned Luggage

TSA officers at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, New York were shocked when they discovered a tiny Chihuahua in a checked bag.

The little pooch was discovered during the screening process, and its owner had no idea it had stowed away. Luckily, the passenger was able to have her husband take the naughty little critter home, and she continued her trip.

The TSA officers involved were so amused, they couldn’t help put post this incident to the official TSA Instagram page.

tsa dog in bag post\

According to the TSA, the little guy is safe and sound with his owners!

The moral of the story — make sure you ALWAYS look carefully in your bags before heading for the airport.

Weirdest Drug Smuggling Fails

US Customs and Border Protection seized a package of marijuana hidden inside a child’s stroller.

This piece of furniture seized by the Metropolitan police and HM Revenue and Customs in October 2005 contained more than 5 tons of cannabis.

Drugs hidden inside a water carton.

Australian Customs at a mail center in Sydney seized this Mr. Potatohead containing 93 grams of ecstasy in October 2007.

Australian Customs seized 150 of these tiny bottles labelled “gay lube oil” in 2008. The bottles actually contained image- and performance-enhancing drugs.

Columbian drug dealers surgically implanted heroin into these adorable puppies as part of a massive smuggling plot.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested Miami resident Esteban Galtes for smuggling 14 pounds of cocaine, hidden inside pastel-colored egg-shaped candies.

German Customs confiscated 45 kg of heroin woven into this rug in January, 2014

Spanish police cut a cast made of cocaine, worn by a 66-year-old Chilean man trying to smuggle the drugs through the Barcelona airport.

Gregory Graham and Kaye Michele Chapman were convicted in 2004 of smuggling cocaine in Britain by surgically implanting the drugs into two Labrador retrievers.

The UK border agency seized these drug capsules from inside a person’s body, as shown in this x-ray.

An avocado filled with cocaine.

A man tried to smuggle this cocaine in champagne bottles in 1997.

These hose reels containing hidden marijuana packages were seized by the US Customs and Border Protection.