PHOTOS: This Urban Treehouse Has Some Awesome Unexpected Benefits

Urban life and natural landscapes are too often mutually exclusive. Italian architect Luciano Pia hopes to change that.

He is the mastermind behind 25 Verde, an enormous urban treehouse in Turin, Italy. The five-story building is a mixture of winding trees and steel girders, blending natural beauty with urban convenience through its courtyard ponds and asymmetric shapes dominating the leafy courtyards.

Bored Panda reports the building is decorated entirely with deciduous trees, meaning they lose their leaves in the winter and allow more light to filter through during these darker months.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of living at 25 Verde is the way the trees shelter residents from the surrounding city sounds. Beyond acting as a buffer for sound, the trees, which are allowed to sprout from courtyards at random intervals, help purify the air to protect city dwellers from air pollution.

The building was completed in 2012, and you can find out more about it on Pia’s website, or check it out on Google street view.