PHOTOS: What Is This Mysterious Black Orb That Landed in the Middle of Nowhere?

Goat farmers in Spain made a bizarre discovery, when a large and mysterious black orb appeared in the middle of one of their empty fields. Is this the latest UFO sighting?

The farmers alerted the Spanish Civil Guard to investigate, and the area was put under quarantine, so the discovery was certainly being taken seriously.

Photos show officials in hazmat suits gathering data during the investigation.

Early reports concluded that the object doesn’t seem to be dangerous—with no reported radioactive or explosive elements found. It was moved for further analysis, but is believed to be a pressurized gas container that may have fallen from space—perhaps from a rocket or other satellite.

Third-party investigators have speculated potentially more other-worldly origins for the orb. According to The Daily Mail, locals have even said the black object had ‘fallen from heaven.’

So what do you think? Is this mysterious orb a real UFO that has fallen to Earth, possibly from alien origins? Or is it just a piece of space junk?

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