PHOTOS: Ex-Cop White Supremacist Blows off Leg While Making Bombs

A white supremacist and former corrections officer in Wheatland, New York blew his leg off while trying to make bombs in his parents’ garage, which was overflowing with racist paraphernalia, clues to his would-be targets.

Michael O’Neill, 45, had covered the walls of the garage in Nazi symbols, Ku Klux Klan posters and Confederate flags. Police also discovered seven seven improvised explosive devices and bomb-making material.

After the explosion, O’Neill was charged with the possession of an unregistered destructive device, and a judge ruled that he should be detained by US Marshals because he’s a ‘danger to the community.’


O’Neill blew his leg off by standing and stomping on burning gun powder as he attempted to make an improvised explosive device. Due to the severity of the injury, his left leg has since been amputated.

Assistant US Attorney Jack Alsup said‘We don’t know the import exactly of what these sort of inflammatory items might’ve meant, only to say that they were in the immediate vicinity.’

The Erie County Bomb Squad found the following items in the garage: two pill bottles labeled as flash powder, a bag of potassium perchlorate, and 36 shotgun shells reloaded with fragments inside of them. They also found a box of triple seven pellets, a plastic bottle labeled as triple seven powder and an IED marked ‘Powder w/Nails’ in O’Neill’s garage.

Ironically, O’Neill was fired as a corrections officer in 2009. He is now facing ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine.