PHOTOS: Woman Reveals How Her IUD Birth Control Ruined Her Life

Carly Humbert, a 22-year-old woman from Colorado has taken to YouTube to share her heartbreaking struggle after she started using an IUD birth control method. Now her story serves as a warning for other women to heed.

Humbert shares that after she started on the intrauterine device, she didn’t realize it was about to change her life forever.

She began to experience extreme hormonal acne as a reaction to the device. Her extreme acne, which required multiple trips to the dermatologist to little avail, triggered a struggle with depression.

“Every day I was crying, I couldn’t get out of bed…I looked disgusting,” Humbert says in the video. However she was frightened to get the device removed, because she experienced terrible pain when the IUD was first inserted.

Scared of getting it removed in a procedure that would only cause more pain, Humbert tried desperately to get her hormones back in balance, all while dealing with depression, daily migraines and more.

After trying several hormones and medications, she finally went through the painful process of having the IUD removed.

She said she finally started to feel better once again, but continued to struggle with hormonal acne. Finally her dermatologist prescribed a medication that worked, after months of struggle.

While the IUD implant can be very effect and successful for many women, Humbert wants to use her story to warn others to be very careful and thoroughly research their birth control decisions with a trusted doctor before choosing a method that seems easy.

You can see photos of Humbert’s journey in the photos above, and watch her full video below.