PHOTOS: Women Confess Why They Faked Their Own Pregnancies

It might not seem like a common phenomenon but, if these anonymous confessions from women using the Whisper app are to be believed, lying about being pregnant and creating a fake pregnancy might happen more often than you’d think.

Some women seem to do it for attention from friends, others to keep a boyfriend around or win back an ex—others do it to get certain perks. Regardless, it seems that the bizarre—and bad—idea to fake a pregnancy happens all the time.

Here are some secret confessions from women who faked their own pregnancies.

I faked being pregnant so my boyfriend who i cheated on would take me back.  Then he told me to get an abortion. It worked.

Faked pregnancy so guy at club would leave me alone. Found out next day I was two months pregnant!

I told my ex that I was pregnant because I wanted to know how he would react. He was all happy-go-lucky so I had to fake a miscarriage..

I once faked a pregnancy

I faked a pregnancy is that bad?

I faked a pregnancy to keep my boyfriend from breaking up with me

I faked a pregnancy to hurt my ex and then people found out so I felt my only way out was to fake a miscarriage.

Once I faked a pregnancy to see if my friends would actually believe me.. after a couple of months I told them I was joking... they were actually upset.... I'm 14😂😭  #sorrynotsorry

I've faked a pregnancy and miscarriage with 3 different guys

I faked a pregnancy once just to cut in line to  the bathroom at the mall

In high school I faked pregnant to my principle!  I could sign out  of class whenever  and my mom wouldn't  find out because  "she would kill me" 😂

Today at the beach I pretended to be pregnant to avoid judgment over being fat