PHOTOS: Would You Trust This Tsunami-Proof Ball to Save Your Life?

This disaster-proof capsule could save your life should catastrophe hit, but could you survive in this extremely cramped, claustrophobic sphere? These pods are designed to be able to float, provide an air supply for one hour per person, and to withstand high heat, sharp objects and even rapid deceleration.

Known as The Survival Capsule, these potentially life-saving compartments can hold anywhere from two to 10 people, depending on what size you get.

But how practical are these safety balls?

The Survival Capsule is touted as a “personal safety system” meant to protect the user from everything from a tsunami, to earthquake or hurricane. In addition to air tanks and reinforced, durable walls, it has two porthole windows, safety seating with four-point harness straps, internal lighting, storage space for up to five day’s supplies per person, a GPS and is completely watertight.

The pods can be customized with sound systems and a toilet.

It can be tethered to prevent it from washing away, and it is outfitted with a self-righting system, so that it won’t roll upside down with an occupant inside.

Smaller-sized capsules are intended for family homes and residences, while larger capsules could benefit business and schools.

According to the founder of The Survival Capsule, Julian Sharpe, the idea for the safety pod was sparked after the devastation of the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, which took the lives of over 200,000 people.

The Survival Capsule has not yet been launched, and it’s not known exactly how much they will cost, but they can be pre-ordered on the company’s website here.