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Photoshopped Fashion: Experiment Reveals Styles Around the World

It’s no secret that fashion trends and styles vary country-to-country, but it is something that we tend to forget when we’re left in our own little worlds. Groom+Syle, an online magazine, recently conducted an experiment to reveal distinct fashion styles around the world.

In the experiment, the magazine shared plain headshots of a woman and man with fashion designers, photographers, and Photoshop experts around the world. They were asked “to make them look stylish and fashionable on their knowledge of the latest trends in their country.

The experiment featured professionals from 27 different countries including Australia, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Russia, and the US.

Photo: Groom+Style

The base headshots were as plain as the team thought they could get: subjects lacked expression and were without makeup and accessories. Out of hundreds of applicants, 27 fashion professionals were chosen that also had Photoshop expertise.

Sarah Klenakis, an editor and brand consultant with 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, commented on the results. “With our world growing ever more-connected, trends for beauty and fashion are no longer only defined by what we see in magazines and on TV screen–anyone can throw up a YouTube tutorial or their everyday look or share their outfit photo with their thousands of followers.”

Check out some of the results from Photoshop experts around the world.

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