Craziest Labyrinths and Mazes We Want to Get Lost In

Have you ever felt like getting lost on purpose?

While getting lost is often a frustrating ordeal, sometimes, getting lost can be a marvelous adventure — leading you to places you never could have imagined.

What exactly is it about humans that make us innately love (and hate) being lost? Since ancient times, it seems we have been looking for ways to entertain ourselves with perplexing structures like labyrinths or mazes.

According to mythology, the original labyrinth was far from what we would consider amusing or beautiful. It was a dark place of torture and death. But there’s something about a good ol’ labyrinth or maze that encourages people to lose themselves, only to later find their way out.

The difference between a labyrinth and a maze is that a labyrinth has only one entrance, which also happens to be the exit, while a maze is a complex puzzle of intricate branching pathways.

You may be familiar with labyrinths or mazes from movies like The Shining, but the ones featured in the slideshow above have nothing to do with psychopaths or murder.

Go ahead, it’s okay to get lost.