In Pictures: India Ushers in Spring with Festival of Colors

This week, Hindus will be celebrating the renewal of spring as winter says its final goodbyes.

Starting with the lighting of bonfires to signify the burning of demons, Holi, the Festival of Colors, is observed on the last full moon of the lunar month. The epicenter of the event is Vrindavan, a holy city three hours from Delhi, India.

During Holi, the young and the old alike take delight in embracing the triumph of good over evil, where multi-hued abeer and gulal, colored holy water, and powder fill the air and people rejoice as they welcome new beginnings. No one is left out of the festivities.

Hindus also see these moments as good reason to revive and restore damaged relationships and put an end to clashes and built up emotional tensions from the past.

It is truly a time to allow everyone in attendance to experience the freedom of simply dancing and playing. While Holi is one of the most spirited and beloved holidays on the Hindu calendar, the event has become enthusiastically celebrated by non-Hindus in cities throughout the world.

Check out the above slideshow to see what happens when colorful shades of life fill the atmosphere during the Festival of Colors.

Images: Reuters