Pigs Are Now Jumping Out of Slaughterhouse-Bound Vans and Fleeing to Freedom

First it happened in China. Now, it’s going down in South America.

Pigs all over the world are apparently banding together and saying “no more” to being turned into bacon.

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly the case but it is curious that two strikingly similar incidents occurred just weeks apart of each other.

pig-jumps-from-truck-300Amazing photos surfaced out of China recently that showed a pig jumping 16 feet out of a slaughterhouse-bound van in the Guangxi region (pictured on the right). The pig was then reportedly adopted by the cops who are keeping him safe and sound.

Now a new dramatic video is starting to make the rounds. This one shows a pig in South America jumping out of another truck on its way to the slaughterhouse, with a pretty nasty, but ultimately life-saving fall.

Passengers in a car driving behind the truck shot the video and perfectly captured the brave and daring leap on camera. Watch as the pig plots and makes the jump, almost lands on its face, rolls on the ground and then makes its way back on its feet. Luckily it appears to be uninjured.

The current whereabouts are not yet known, but wherever the piggy went, we’re hoping it has found a safe place.

Are these two pigs starting a revolution? That remains to be seen, but what is clear is that these animals are proving to be far more intelligent than we give them credit for.

Check out the video.