Pink’s ‘Try’ at American Music Awards Stuns Audience

Pink took on a dirty, paint-splattered look for her performance of “Try” during Sunday night’s American Music Awards. Many had seen the video, saw the incredible partner balancing and acrobatics the singer-turned-circus-lover performed, but to see her recreating those same acts on stage without editing or a break was stunning.

“Try” is a song about not giving up, and for this performance the stage was remade into a dirtied, barren home, with an exterior that goes up in flames. Amid this set, Pink and her muscled partner offer a high-energy contemporary dance, complete with numerous partner balancing techniques, flips, tumbles and crashing furniture.

Oh, and she sings while she does it. (Take that all you pop princesses who lip-sync during a concert.)

So while many last night spoke of who won and who lost (we’ll give you the rundown on that shortly) the top performance of the night came from Pink. Check out the amazing video above.