VIEW PHOTOS: Amazing Art Made Entirely from Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners aren’t just for keeping kindergartners busy anymore.

If the internet’s taught us anything, it’s that art can come from anyone and any medium. Just like many use Legos for their art, blogger Lauren Ryan has repurposed those tiny metal wires with colorful fuzz wrapped around them to create some truly amazing creations.

While most of us forgot about them the second we moved from fifth to sixth grad, Ryan realized that pipe cleaners could be used for bigger and better things than cheap Pinterest crafts.

According to her blog, she would fiddle with them whenever she was bored throughout middle school. One of those fellows up above–a blue wolf–was her first detailed pipe cleaner sculpture, started in ninth grade and still unfinished to this day.

Most of her work is centered around animals, most notably wolves. There are some video game-inspired pieces thrown in for good measure as well.

You might forget these creations aren’t real. The most recent ones in particular look lifted right out of the wild, as she perfects her unusual medium of art.

You can check out more photos of Ryan’s pipe cleaner art creations at her blogspot, Chenille Stems.