Pissed Off Man Dumps Urine on Teen’s Head, Gets Arrested on Felony Charges

Charles Weatherford is an 84-year-old man from Evansville, Indiana. He is now facing felony battery charges after dumping urine over the head of a 13-year-old boy from his balcony. Weatherford claims that the boy was smashing bricks on his property.

After the pee-pouring incident on Saturday afternoon, police responded to a 911 call placed by Weatherford about the alleged vandalism. He filled out a criminal damage report at his home. It was then that police first got a strong whiff of the odor of urine but could not determine the source.

It was after the boy’s mother called the police about her son being assaulted with bodily waste that police began to connect the dots.

When questioned about the urine incident, Weatherford admitted to what he’d done and also told police that he did keep a bowl of urine on his balcony for self defense.

It’s still not clear if the self-defense pee is human urine or animal urine.

Weatherford was charged with battery by communicable bodily fluid/waste, a felony, and battery on a victim under the age of 14. He is free on $750 bail with a court appearance scheduled for Aug. 19, 2015.