Innocent Pitbull Brutally Attacked by Stabber, Gets Over 1,000 Stitches

A pitbull is in recovery after being stabbed multiple times by an unidentified attacker. The attack occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning when the incident was reported to the Los Angeles Police Department, according to KTLA.

The pitbull, named Spartacus, is two years old and underwent a two-hour surgery at the Pet Care Veterinary Center for the extensive injuries he sustained. He required over 1,000 stitches.

The center’s office manager Alex Kyrklund said that although pitbulls have a reputation for terrorizing people, Spartacus did not attack his assailant—even though it is clear from the dog’s injuries that someone tried to kill him.

Kyrklund said it looks as though the attacker tried to cut his head off, because of the ear-to-ear slices around Sparatcus’ neck.

“He seriously almost looks like an autopsy victim,” Kyrklund told KTLA news. “Somebody tried to kill this dog and sliced this poor baby up.” Despite the vicious attack Kyrklund described Spartacus as the sweetest dog in the world during his time as a patient with them—with nothing but tail wags and the need to be loved.

Spartacus was rescued by the Ghetto Rescue Foundation after the attack was reported—the organization works with animals and families who come from lower-income areas and are in need. The foundation stated in a Facebook post that the pitbull came from a family who loved him a lot, but they were from a lower-income community.

While a suspect in the attack has not been identified, it is believed that it may have been a neighbor of Spartacus’ owners.