Pitbulls Wearing Flower Crowns Are Absolutely Lovely

Pitbulls get a bad rap.

Stories containing violent acts by the these dogs to pop up every now and then, prompting many to believe they’re just a harsh and vicious type of animal by nature. However, many people who’ve raised these dogs know they’re gentle giants that only act out if they’ve had a bad upbringing.

We’ve seen plenty of instances that prove pitbulls are indeed sweet dogs and their portrayal as mean-spirited doesn’t speak to their reality. Photographer Sophie Gamand gets this point across in a completely new and novel way.

She explains on her site that these dogs are “victims of prejudices, uneducated laws and urban tales that associate them with ultra violence,” and describes them as “probably the most misunderstood dogs.”

She continues: “Pit bulls, like any terrier dogs, are strong and powerful animals. There is no denying that. But most pit bulls are peaceful and sweet love bugs. Their power is in their snuggles and unconditional love.”

So she decided to create a visual presentation of this by showing them in “soft fairy-tale-inspired characters, feminine and dreamy.” The results are breathtaking.

Check out the slideshow above for yourself.