Pitch Perfect Co Stars Are ENGAGED!!!

So it’s not Becca, and I apologize to you because I feel your pain…

So has great “chemistry” that you think Becca and her boyfriend have on Pitch Perfect, they are not actually a real life couple. Skylar Astin (Beccas BF in Pitch Perfect) is however dating a fellow co-star in the movie, Anna Camp. While many of you may not know Anna from by her real name, let me give all your Pitch Perfect fans a quick test.

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I asked. She said yes!!! ❤️💖❤️💖

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Anna Camp played the role of the woman who projectile vomited all over the front row during the major song competition, and proceeded to show that she can throw up in huge amounts throughout the movie. Camp was actually married for a few years, but was divorced in 2013. The timing of Camp’s divorce is a bit suspicious as it has been said that Astin and Camp began dating in 2013, but a few months after the divorce. Is Skylar the reason for Camp divorcing her husband of 3 years? We may never know, but we do know that the couple is now engaged and seem quite happy about it.

“I asked. She said yes!!!” Astin, 28, wrote as he shared a pic on Instagram that showed him and Camp, 33, smiling as she showed off her sparkling engagement ring. The couple had been taking a long vacation on the Island of Kauai (in Hawaii) and I guess Astin finally built up the courage to pop the question.

Now here is where the tough questions have to be asked. Do we think Astin truly wanted to pop the question, or did he do so under some pressure from Camp? The reason I say this is because Camp is already 33, and Astin is 28. While that may not seem that old to some of us, not many women like to have women after 35. While many professional women do so, the fact is that birth complications as well as a higher chance at twins begins to arise as the woman gets older. Not to mention that eggs are slowly running on a premium with each passing month. So did Camp pressure Astin into marriage so she can get pregnant and start popping out babies? I have no idea, but one ahs to think having kids played a small role into this decision to get hitched!

“As Us Weekly previously reported, the pair made their first public appearance as a couple in June 2013. At the time a source told Us that the pair had known each other for a while before they costarred in the hit 2012 film. “They met through mutual friends and then worked together,” the source said adding that they were initially friends but it turned into something more after Camp split with her husband of three years, actor Michael Mosley, in April 2013.”

The good news is that there seems to be a Pitch Perfect 3 in the making, so I am sure we will see these two lovebirds on the big screen together again soon. All we can hope is that Camp does not get to jealous of her new Fiancee swapping saliva with his on screen love Becca!