Pizza Guy Gets Carjacked at Gunpoint, Completes Delivery on Foot

We hope this guy got a bonus or at least a giant tip. A pizza delivery man was en route to drop off a Papa John’s pizza when he was carjacked by two gunmen.

Following orders, the southwest Atlanta worker got out of his black 2003 Cadillac CTS as the men pointed revolvers at him. Once they were in the car they fled the scene, leaving the pizza man with nothing but the delivery pizza. Most people would be in shock, but this guy knew he had to take care of business and walked the rest of the distance to his customer’s place and completed the delivery.

Then he contacted the cops. According to Atlanta AP, authorities reported the man filled out an incident report at the police station and “asked to be dropped off at the West End train station instead of the restaurant [where] he worked. He wanted to tell his boss about the incident at a later date, and didn’t want to risk getting fired.”

Feature Image by Alamy