Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Farts Set Off Smoke Detectors

A Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter plane was forced to make an emergency landing after an alarm warned of there being smoke in the cabin.

The source of the smoke? Sheep farts.

According to The Aviation Herald, the plane was transporting 2,186 sheep from Adelaide, Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The plane was approximately 400nm south of Denpasar, Indonesia when the 4-person crew were alerted by the plane’s warning system. The captain immediately diverted to Bali Denpasar for a safe landing about 45 minutes later. But when emergency services arrived they didn’t find any trace of fire, heat or smoke.

Investigators determined that plane exhaust gasses along with the sheep manure and farts set off smoke detectors in the cargo hold.

An SIA Spokesman said:

“On 26 October 2015, a Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747 freighter aircraft carrying a shipment of goats, operating as SQ7108 from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur diverted to Bali after the crew received a warning from the onboard fire alarm system.

“The aircraft landed at 5.11pm local time and upon inspection, no evidence of fire or smoke was found.

“The aircraft was certified serviceable and departed at 8.20pm local time.

“It delivered its shipment safety to its destination in Kuala Lumpur at 11.16pm local time.”

All told, Flight SQ-7108 reached its final destination only two hours later than scheduled.