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Plastic Surgery Fails They’ll Regret Forever

There are many reasons why people choose to alter their appearance with plastic surgery, including Hollywood stars going overboard on the nipping and tucking in an attempt to be “perfect,” guys who have the desire to be Asian, or fans who undergo multiple painful and expensive procedures to look like their favorite celebs.

But if you’ve ever considered getting plastic surgery (for reasons that are not medical-related or to treat a life threatening condition), this video of plastic surgery fails will make you appreciate what your mama gave you.

These folks may have initially been in search of a better look, but they all ended up with catastrophic results.

It’s hard not to feel completely sorry for what they did to themselves, especially considering that the majority of these people just wanted plumper lips, bigger biceps or a more symmetrical nose.

Sometimes, the path to perfection can get very (and we mean, very) ugly. Just check out the first image above of plastic surgery addict Hang Mioku, who injected cooking oil and black market silicone into her face.

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