Woman Gets Extensive Plastic Surgery to Look Like A Cartoon — Even Her Nipples

We’ve covered plastic surgery fails before, but this time we’ve found a woman who apparently didn’t want surgery to make her look good. No, she wanted plastic surgery so she could look like a cartoon — and not a particularly good one either.

Krystina Butel, 30, has now spent 15 years and 130,000 pounds to look like a caricature — you know, the kind of kitschy drawing you might get at a theme park. She even had surgery to mold her nipples / areolas into heart shapes. It’s not in the slide show above because, well, it’s totally NSFW. We’ll link to that picture, but we warn you that it is explicit (not to mention, unpleasant).

She began the extreme transformation after having the caricature of herself drawn when she was 15 on vacation in Ibiza.

“When I saw the picture for the first time, I was jealous of it,” she said. “The cartoon woman was glamorous – she was everything I wanted to be.” Her surgeries included a slew of cosmetic surgeries, including Botox treatments, semi-permanent makeup, and five boob jobs increasing her bust from a 32D to a 36K. She acknowledges that her constant plastic surgery is an addiction, but says she has no intention of stopping, even as her enormous breasts are causing some serious back problems. In fact, she’s already talking about getting huge butt implants.

Her looks, unsurprisingly, often invite ridicule and laughter when she’s out and about, but her fiance David Scriven is totally supportive of her.

“To me, Krystina is beautiful. I love her look and I love the caricature – they’ve both got the same big personality,” he said.