Plug-In Cars Hits 100K Sold

This weekend, the electric-car movement will sell it’s 100,000th plug-in car in the U.S.

plug in 1.

Plug-In America, a coalition of “EV” drivers dedicated to persuading consumer, these cars are the wave of the future.
In celebration of the event, they’ll offer a drawing for a free vehicle charger–open to anyone who purchases a plug-in between now and June 15th.

Perhaps Plug-America is on to something though; Tesla Model S electric car reported a banner year–voted Best Car since 2007 by Consumer Reports with 99 out of 100 points–perhaps the time for electric has indeed come.

But Plug-ins are expensive because batteries are still costly, and that’s slowing sales. Also, some consumers complain of EV’s limited mileage.
Major makers like Nissan, with its Leaf, and General Motors, with its Chevrolet Volt, have offered their cars with lucrative lease deals that bring down the cost. In California, Chrysler is leasing its 500e at the same effective cost, after incentives, as a conventional model.

So, hey, there’s hope.