WATCH: Cops Raid Family Party, Taser Grandma 4 Times & Pepper Spray Children

After receiving a noise complaint, the Baytown Police decided they needed to get aggressive.

What seemingly should have been a simple house call turned into a nightmare for a family enjoying a birthday party.

According to the Zepeda family and their friends, more than five officers were dispatched to the home and entered SWAT style. Once inside the house, they began using pepper spray, firing Tasers, and pistol whipping anyone who got in the way.

The police have a different version of the story.

Det. Edgar Elizondo asserts that homeowner Jose Zepeda refused to sign a citation for disturbing the peace. When officers tried to arrest him, three of men stepped in and began pushing. This then prompted the officers to use pepper spray. Zepeda and the others ran into the house and the police followed.

This is when all hell breaks loose. The above video provides firsthand footage of the horrific event and more detail on the situation.

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