Police Make Crying Seniors Happy With A Spaghetti Dinner Served With Love And Compassion!

When neighbors heard loud crying coming from an elderly couple’s home they became concerned and feared that someone may be in danger. They then called the police to investigate, who were greeted with a very different scene to the one they were expecting…

The owner of the home, 94-year-old Michele and his 84-year-old wife, Jole, were found weeping and upon questioning they explained how they suffered from ‘incurable loneliness’. It had been a long time since they had visitors, as their closest neighbors had moved away and because people were away on holiday the city had become quiet too.

spaghetti couple

Many elderly people have the same sadness due to the fact that they are forgotten by family and this can really become too much — as in another case where a couple called the police themselves because they were so lonely.

The grim headlines Michele and Jole were bombarded with during the months running up to this moment didn’t do anything to lift their moods and it just became too much for the dear couple who had been married for 70 years. They couldn’t contain their tears any longer and started bawling.

Luckily the entire world isn’t as uncaring and cold as they thought it to be, something proven by the Rome police who are trained to safeguard the citizens and ensure their happiness. They performed the most basic but also the most meaningful thing they could – they simply cooked them dinner.

The officers responsible for this heartwarming act Mirko, Ernesto, Alessandro and Andrea cooked them a spaghetti meal and stayed for the evening entertaining them and giving them the social contact they craved so badly. They really did wonders for this couple’s state of mind. In addition to the visit, the officers also performed a quick health check to make sure all was well, which thankfully it was.

Rome’s police department works like any other in the sense that they keep the antique city and its residents and tourists safe and happy. Sometimes they have to deal with hardened criminals and ruthless crimes but sometimes they just need to show their humanity. They oftentimes spend time with animals that need them too.

So what was the meal they served? It was just a simple plate of spaghetti with cheese and butter with a huge side of heart. Elderly people like Michele and Jole easily succumb to depression and a low quality of life and we can help prevent that by just starting up a chat or bringing over something every now and again to show we care.

All images courtesy of Questura di Roma Facebook

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