Police Discover Massive Pot Farm in Furniture Store

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office busted an indoor marijuana farm worth over $2 million in the back room of a furniture store. The huge stash that housed more than 1,000 pot plants had long been disguised as “Gilroy Furniture & More,” Mercury News reported.

The owner of the store, a 39-year-old Gilroy resident named Phuc Nguyen, was arrested in connection with the bust, according to the Sheriff’s Office. He was taken into custody and is held on $200,000 bail.

The store was never open to customers, despite a small display of tables and couches arranged in the front room and “All Display Inventory Must Sell” signs in the windows. Investigators described the display as literal window dressing.

Instead of a warehouse filled with furniture back-stock, investigators found the back room packed with marijuana plants and heat lamps.

Authorities also discovered that the pot operation had bypassed the electric meter and stolen $80,000 worth of electricity from PG&E.

The incident comes after a similar bust earlier in January, when a man was caught with 320 pounds of marijuana plants, valued at $700,000. According to NBC, the investigation of that case led authorities to the fake furniture store operation.