WATCH: How to Get a Cop to Stop Harassing You in Under a Minute

While going about his own business, Keith Smith was approached by an officer in Shenandoah, PA. Almost immediately, an altercation developed between the two of them. A very brief altercation.

Their exchange of words couldn’t have been more hilarious. It was like two children argue about who’s right and who’s wrong.

As the cop begins harassing Smith for simply standing on the sidewalk with a camera, Smith doesn’t back down.

Smith: How can I help you?
Cop: You’re obviously intoxicated.
Smith: No, I’m not.

After going back and forth a couple times, the cop finally tells him that he’s free to go. But the scene doesn’t end there.

Cop: Alright, well get to walking.
Smith: You get to walking.
Cop: Go.
Smith: You go. I’m free to walk. Am I being detained? There’s millions of us.

By asking the officer if he was being detained or not, the officer was forced to make a judgment call. Cops are not allowed to illegally detain citizens, and making them answer this question is the difference between walking free and getting put into handcuffs.

As the officer walks away, Smith even calls him out for jaywalking.

The entire dialogue lasted only 53 seconds, although, that was enough time for Smith to exercise his rights.

Of course, the situation could have played out differently had Smith not had a camera on him to record what happened.