Guy Confronts Police Officers After They Shoot and Kill His Dog


If you were to take a moment and search for “police kill dog,” you’d be shocked to see just how many family pets have been gunned down in the name of self-defense.

GeistLast week, Sean Kendall arrived home to find his beloved dog, Geist, dead from a single gunshot wound to the head.

A Salt Lake City, Utah, police officer allegedly entered Kendall’s gated backyard in search of a missing child, and claims self-defense as his reasoning for shooting and killing Geist.

The grieving owner posted the above video, which documents his profanity-laced interaction with police officers after discovering his dog was killed, on his Facebook page.

Earlier this week, Kendall met with the police department and demanded answers, as well as changes. He wants the officer who killed his best friend to be removed from his position for violating his rights to privacy and the use of unnecessary excessive force.

“I want justice for my dog that was wrongfully killed in his own backyard,” Kendall said. “I want to educate law enforcement so this doesn’t happen again.”

A Facebook page called Justice for Geist has garnered more than 10,000 followers and is currently planning to rally outside the Salt Lake Public Safety Building on Saturday to ask that the officer be held accountable for an “inappropriate misuse of power.”